The Basics of Cloud-Based Intelligent Video Surveillance

November 15, 2023
The Basics of Cloud-Based Intelligent Video Surveillance

Our vision plays a crucial role in decision making, as it provides important information about our environment and helps us respond to it quickly and accurately. The human brain processes visual information faster than any other type of sensory information. For example, when we drive a car, interact with people, or read a book, we all collect information.

Artificial Intelligence-Based Video Surveillance

Video surveillance and management (Video Management System - VMS) replaces our vision in many situations, which solves several problems. A security camera system is your eye that sees around the clock and collects detailed information about your surroundings. This can be supplemented with business data from your enterprise applications to create a complex Big Data source. And the algorithm based on artificial intelligence is able to perform qualitative analyzes on this huge data source, allowing, on the one hand, to filter out security anomalies and, on the other, to answer complex questions related to business and even human behavior.

Cloud-based service

Using all this as a cloud-based service (Video Surveillance as a Service - VSaaS), we get a highly cost-effective business solution, as there is no need for complex infrastructure, operational specialists or a large initial investment. It opens up an opportunity to provide a modern and easy to use service, which even the company manager can use from his mobile. The information you are looking for can be extracted easily and quickly, which makes the operation of the company transparent.

Intelligent process automation

Depending on your industry and application, AI-based video surveillance can be integrated with a wide range of IoT devices (e.g. sensors), enterprise management systems (ERP), access control systems or POS terminals, allowing you to further optimize your processes, reduce your operating costs and, last but not least, increase your level of security. OpenAPI-based integration with your existing systems or other cloud-based services allows you to build intelligent, automated enterprise systems and even fully automate business processes in many areas.


In summary, AI-based video analytics gives you a unified view of what's going on and provides information to help you better understand your environment and improve your processes. And ultimately, it ensures that your business is more informed, productive, and safer.

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