Intrusion detection

Protecting your business values with intelligence-based intrusion detection

Protecting your business values with
intrusion detection

Vidarex's intelligent video analytics features improve security and turn your video surveillance system into a business optimization tool. AI, in combination with cloud-based video surveillance, automatically detects security risks and sends alerts when needed, allowing managers to focus on other areas of the business

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Proactive security

It's impossible to keep an eye on all segments of your business at once, which is why intelligent intrusion detection can be an extremely useful proactive security measure. Analytics can be set to protect multiple areas, both indoors and outdoors. You can set different levels of alarms for different zones.

Protection of restricted areas

Supervise activities in the parking lot or warehouse without involving additional resources. Alerts inform onsite managers or a safety personnel of an extension of a restricted environment. Analytics can also act as a smart fence in commercial real estate — adding another level of security to protect valuable assets.

Advanced AI-based video analytics
for all industries

Vidarex's MI-based intrusion detection features benefit customers in all industries, including condominiums, smart cities, schools, hospitals, hotels, logistics companies, restaurants and retail stores alike.

Typical application areas

Line crossing detection

Intrusion detection

Wander detection

Vehicle recognition

Human figure recognition

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