Access Control

Vidarex Access Service

Flexible, cloud-based,
face recognition
access control and time & attendance service

Vidarex's cloud-based access control and time tracking service allows people to enter or exit a specific location based on biometric identification (facial recognition). Based on the entry and exit events, the system keeps a time record, which can optionally be expanded with a financial record.

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Flexible access

Any number of entry and exit points are possible at each location. Each of them is equipped with a rotary fork, gate, or other physical access control device controlled by a facial recognition terminal. The system automatically ensures that after registration, a person entitled to enter is able to drive undisturbed at all entry and exit points of a given venue.

Ease of operation

In sites protected by access gates, only entry and exit terminals are installed, which can be managed via an internet connection. All functions are modern, available in a web interface, there is no need to install any applications or hardware devices. There is also no need for software maintenance and installation of updates.

Transparent, simple operation

A dashboard is available on the web interface of the system, which gives an overview of who is currently in each location, when they arrived, when they left, how many times they entered and exited that day. This can be filtered by organizations, locations, or individual individuals. Aggregate statistics about the data can also be displayed.

Unlimited scalability

A large number of persons entitled to enter a single location can be registered (maximum 100,000 persons in the case of Dahua terminal). For each person, you can specify whether it is necessary to keep a time record or only to check the right of access. Access to any number of sites can be managed either centrally or geographically distributed.

Video surveillance integration
for even greater security

The service can be integrated with Vidarex Video video surveillance service. With one click, you can replay video content for a specific entry event. Vidarex's video analytics service detects and logs abnormal passes, such as swivel skip or double pass.

Additional benefits and features

Simple, and secure, face-based Eligible Person registration
Identification with card reader
Lightning-fast face recognition, non-stop passage
Persons eligible for entry can be classified into organizations (optional)
Persons eligible for admission may be charged an hourly rate
Correction of an incorrect time record
(e.g. there is only an entry date, no exit)
Allocation of temporary access rights
Role-Based Access Management
Plant without operator personnel
Safe operation even in the event of an internet connection interruption

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