Legacy camera systems

Don't replace your older cameras, we help make them manageable and "smart"

Don't replace your older cameras, we help make them manageable and "smart".

Many industries have a huge installed base of old, outdated, legacy security camera systems that are expensive to operate, difficult to use, and lack many useful surveillance features.

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Cloud-based, camera independent video surveillance system

There is no need to replace your existing security or CCTV camera system, the new generation services are available even with the use of existing devices. With the help of Vidarex, legacy cameras can be converted into an intelligent, well-manageable video surveillance system, thereby preserving the value of your previous investment.

Ease of use and quick access on mobile and in a browser alike

You can access the extremely easy-to-use, intuitive interface from any platform, be it PC, tablet or your mobile phone. You can search and navigate recorded videos quickly and easily - live view, playback, video tagging, video filtering, sharing and archiving are all dramatically simplified.

AI based video analytics for your existing cameras

Server-side video analytics can be set up for your existing cameras, with which object recognition (e.g. person, vehicle, license plate number), line crossing, intrusion or even loitering in a protected area can be detected in the videos. You can also set customized AI-based alerts in case of suspicious behavior, emergencies, accidents, or any other event.

The Vidarex service saves you from all the trouble of maintaining your own video management infrastructure, provides greater security and reduces your operating costs. Just connect your existing security cameras to the network and you're ready to monitor from anywhere, anytime, from any device.

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