Video Service

A new generation of cloud-based video surveillance systems

Manage your business from your phone

Vidarex Video Service is a next-generation, intelligent cloud-based video surveillance service (Video Surveillance as a Service - VSaaS) and integration platform. In addition to traditional security applications, it focuses on video-based monitoring and AI-based analytics and thus optimizing business processes.

The ease of use and speed on both mobile and browser make Vidarex an essential application for small and medium businesses.

AI-based analytics for more efficient
business operation

The video surveillance system gather detailed information about your environment. This can be supplemented with business data from your enterprise applications to create a complex Big Data source. The AI is able to perform qualitative analyzes on this huge data source, allowing, on the one hand, to filter out security anomalies and, on the other, to answer complex questions related to business and even human behavior.

Business Benefits

Maximum physical data security

  • Access, border and property protection, intrusion detection
  • AI-based vehicle and personal recognition
  • Video recordings encrypted, on a remote, secure server

Subscription, cloud-based service

  • Minimum starting cost
  • Only cameras and internet connection required

Cost-effective operation, lower TCO

  • No need for expensive hardware and software
  • No need for your own specialist, mechanic

Unlimited scalability, simple, flexible installation

  • Camera independent system
  • On-site, cloud or hybrid
  • Easy to integrate with other cloud services

High user experience

  • Hand-resistant, modern interface
  • 4K UHD video transmission at minimum bandwidth
  • Lightning fast retrieval on mobile, tablet and web

AI-based analytics for effective business management

  • AI-based video analytics rule out false alarms.
  • Analyzing video data helps to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Main modules, functions

Easy connection

Simple cloud connection with automatic camera detection, VPN router and SSD storage

Intuitive interface

Fast, intuitive interface for live video viewing, replaying, tagging, filtering, sharing, and archiving

Access control service integration

Cloud-based access control and time tracking system with facial recognition

Integration platform

OpenAPI integrations for enterprise systems (e.g. ERP, POS, access control system, etc.) and for connecting IoT devices.

Cloud infrastructure

Robust, scalable cloud infrastructure and platform service for changing business needs

Video analytics

AI-based video analytics for object recognition (person, face, vehicle, license plate), line crossing, intrusion, and wandering detection and sending alerts

Voice control

Voice control module for convenient use

Vidarex Professional Services

Vidarex's team of experts provides advice and technical support for the implementation and operation of the service. We also have experience to help you optimize and automate your business processes. We also provide data protection (GDPR) support on request.

Optimize your operating costs

The Vidarex service saves you from all the hassle of maintaining your own video management infrastructure, provides greater security and reduces your operating costs. Just connect your security cameras to the network and you're ready to watch from anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Why Vidarex Video Service?

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