License plate recognition

Use license plates as login ID and cancel the parking tickets

Improve security, prevent intrusion, and get notified of unauthorized vehicles. Vidarex also offers an artificial intelligence-based license plate recognition technology that works with any security camera, even in difficult conditions - increasing business security and efficiency, and reducing costs.

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Practical, cost-effective and enhances the user experience

With Vidarex Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), cars can get into parking spaces quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively. An affordable, practical solution that allows you to seamlessly track vehicles across multiple locations. With lightning-fast license plate recognition and on/off, the solution significantly increases the customer experience.

Wide range of use

The solution has a wide range of applications from parking garages ranging from, shopping malls to event venues.
Designed for companies looking for maximum flexibility, exceptional support, and a scalable video surveillance and AI platform that adapts to changing needs.

Areas of application

Vehicle entry


Parking payment and

Vehicle safety and

Fleet management and


Service automation

Traffic monitoring and traffic management

license plate recognition
for all cameras

  • High Accuracy MI Model
  • Camera-independent solution
  • Open API for easy integration
  • Continuous improvement and automatic updates

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