Vidarex, an AI-powered VSaaS platform, unlocks the power of your cameras, transforming them into real-time business intelligence. We provide actionable insights that reduce costs, improve productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction.

The cameras are the eyes of your business, serving as 24/7 observers for the enterprise.
The video content is analyzed by an AI-based video analytics system in the cloud, building a database from the extracted information.
Optionally we can enhance the metadata extracted from the video content with additional data from our corporate systems.

Hey Vidarex!
Please draw a chart showing the
utilization of machinery at all construction sites

Hey Vidarex!
Please immediately notify the production manager if you observe any situation endangering personal safety.   

Our mid to long term vision includes developing an interactive feature enabling chatting with AI, like ChatGPT.

Our Vision and USP

The Problem and the Solution

Traditional Video Systems

Millions of cameras worldwide produce videos stored largely unused.

Spinning billions of video terabytes on magnetic disks.

99% useless, untapped and passive data

New Generation VSaaS with AI support

Vidarex leverages AI-based video content analysis to support business processes.

Analyzing video content provides a continuous Big Data source

Generated data can be utilized for corporate digitization purposes

Vidarex is a platform for subscription-based services

Besides the excellent usability of our standard VSaaS functions, the platform enables rapid and efficient delivery of various vertical market applications and integrations, utilizing AI-based video analytics services. Customers can subscribe to the services for a monthly fee.

Using AI-driven video analytics

Providing Open API for 3rd-party application development

Operating as a cloud service on a scalable, distributed robust video management infrastructure

Examples for Applications on Vidarex platform

Rapid and efficient delivery of various vertical market applications and integrations


It monitors the construction process, reports theft, vandalism, loitering, security risks and warns of their prevention.

Access control, employee registry

Vandalism protection, accident prevention

Compliance with rules, recording of construction log


It monitors the operation of shops to prevent and identify theft, fraud and damage to property.

Prevents shoplifting and fraud

Protects stock on the sales floor and in the warehouse

Protects the safety of workers and staffpliance with rules, recording of construction log


It monitors the packaging process, tackles customer concerns by proof and identification.

Rapid incident detection and immediate alert

Supports preventing crime and theft

Simplifies business decision-making

Car Repair

The car owner receives an email or mobile push notification when their vehicle's repair begins. They can watch it live or replay the repair process later.

Monitors car repair process based on registration number

Gives peace of mind to car owners

Facilitates professional work

Thanks to easy integration, Vidarex can be used in any business vertical.

Validating our concept with pilot customers using MVP
A robust and scalable production grade VSaaS infrastructure
Strengthening home market position, start international sales
By 2028, Vidarex aims to become the leading AI-based VSaaS company in the European market

2024 Q1

Customers: 13

Video streams handled: 357

Largest customers

Projects in the pipeline

Courier service in Croatia, 60 Body Worn Cameras

Kia, Mazda Dealership and Service Center in Hungary, VCS application

Tobacco Shops in Hungary

Pergola park @ Balaton

Several construction companies

VSaaS as a market

A far above-average increase in the market share of next-generation intelligent AI-based systems is expected.

Forecasts indicate an 11% growth rate projected until 2030. The utilization of AI is expected to enhance the usability of video content, potentially leading to even more dynamic growth in the market. According to our plans, Vidarex aims to play a significant role in this evolution.

Investment Opportunity

Angel Investor - Pre-Seed Round

$300k - $500k convertible loan @ 20% pre-money discount

What we’re doing with the funds

Extending the runway to secure VC funding under the most favorable conditions

Initiating the same activities as we would with the VC funds

Where it takes us

Increased MRR, at least $15k

Seed ready

VC - Seed Round

2025 Q2/Q3


What we’re doing with the funds

Expanding sales internationally to DACH, CEE, and the Middle East

Establishing a sales partner network

Enhancing our AI research capabilities

Where it takes us

Leading VSaaS provider in CEE, DACH

MRR $100k

Series A ready

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