Video Analytics

Increase your security and optimize your business

Increase your security and
optimize your business

The intelligent video analytics features of Vidarex solutions improve security and turn your video surveillance system into a business optimization tool. AI, in combination with cloud-based video surveillance, automatically detects security risks and sends alerts when needed, allowing managers to focus on other areas of the business.

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video surveillance and AI driven analytics

The security camera system provides detailed information about your environment. It can use business data from enterprise applications to create a large complex data source. The AI is able to perform qualitative analyses on this huge data source, allowing, on one hand, to filter out security anomalies and, on the other, to answer complex questions related to business and even human behavior.

Customized event-based alerts

Thanks to the intelligent position, it is possible to recognize people, equipment or license plates in recorded videos. For all this, you can set up customized, MI-based event notifications and exclude false alerts.

Improving Business Efficiency with AI-based Video Analytics

The successive analysis of data in video analytics helps that career performance and satisfaction Data can be used, among other things, to analyze the behavior of your customers, to make more company information, optimized, for example, the equipment of a sales area.

Video analytics features of Vidarex

Vidarex's serverside analytics service enables robust detection and recognition of people and vehicles, providing several functions:

Ai-based video analytics gives you a unified view of what's going on and provides information to help you better understand your environment and improve your processes. And ultimately, it ensures that your business is more informed, productive, and safer.

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