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To keep your guests safe and comfortable

To keep your guests safe and comfortable

Whether it's a small canteen or a national chain of restaurants, Vidarex's flexible video security solution ensures the safety of guests and staff and helps keep the business running smoothly.

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Intelligent, cloud-based video surveillance for restaurants

Vidarex provides a new generation of intelligent cloud-based Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS). It focuses on video-based security monitoring and analytics, alongside traditional security applications, to optimise restaurant operations. Its ease of use and unprecedented speed - both on mobile and in the browser - make it an indispensable application for restaurant managers on a daily basis.

Enhanced customer experience

The Vidarex solution enables restaurants to provide a safer guest experience. With a CCTV camera system that works discreetly indoors and as a deterrent outdoors, security can be maximised. AI-based video analytics help identify emergencies and suspicious behaviour, so you can avoid incidents that could damage your reputation or the safety of your guests and staff.

Theft, fraud and burglary prevention

The line crossing feature sends an alert when someone crosses a pre-specified line, so you can ensure that critical areas of your business are protected. Another big problem for restaurants is employee theft. This risk is minimised by security cameras alone, but integrating POS with video surveillance allows you to view sales and payment data in one place. The video of the transactions can be quickly located and you can identify any suspicious behaviour.

Enforcing food safety standards

It is crucial for restaurants that their staff comply with food safety regulations. With the Vidarex solution, you can monitor kitchen operations to reduce health risks and ensure proper food handling. You can monitor hygiene compliance and cleanliness in both kitchens and staff rooms.

Improving operational efficiency

Use AI-based video analytics to create business analytics. For example, you can analyse staff work, customer service or waiting times. You can also monitor stock movements. Or even compare what's on the register with what you see on the security cameras by capturing the restaurant software's monitor images. This can help you run your restaurant more efficiently and optimise staffing levels.

Customizable, flexible, affordable

  • A scalable, flexible video surveillance solution for restaurants of any size, from small eateries to national chains.
  • There is no need for complex infrastructure, in-house expertise or a large initial investment.
  • It can be installed quickly, used with any camera and operated according to your needs (on-site, cloud, hybrid).
  • Available on a monthly or rental basis.

Key Features for Restaurants

Video Analytics

AI-based analytics: object recognition (person, face, vehicle, license plate number), line crossing, intrusion and loitering detection, automatic alarms

Access control

Cloud-based access control and time & attendance system with facial recognition

Easy connection

Simple cloud connection: Automatic camera detection, VPN router, SSD storage

Cloud infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure and platform service for video management from anywhere, anytime, from any device

Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface: live video viewing, replay, video tagging, video filtering, sharing, archiving

Voice control

Voice control module for easy operation.

Integration platform

OpenAPI integrations (e.g. ERP, access control system, etc.) and connecting IoT devices

The Vidarex service saves you from all the hassle of maintaining your own video management infrastructure, provides greater security and reduces your operating costs. Just connect your security cameras to the network and you're ready to watch from anywhere, anytime, from any device.

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