Warehouse and logistics

Advanced goods protection, faster incident management, more efficient processes

Advanced goods protection, faster incident management, more efficient processes

Logistics management is a highly complex task: it involves overseeing all aspects of operations, including warehousing, inventory, transportation and supply chain processes, not to mention the workforce. A modern, cloud-based video surveillance system helps to protect goods and ensure problem-free delivery.

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Intelligent, cloud-based video surveillance for logistics providers

Vidarex offers a new generation, intelligent, cloud-based video surveillance service (Video Surveillance as a Service -VSaaS). In addition to traditional security functions, it focuses on video-based monitoring and analytics, thereby optimizing storage and shipping processes. The ease of use and the unprecedented speed - both on mobile and in the browser - make it an indispensable application for logistics managers on a daily basis.

Monitoring from anywhere, anytime, from any device

With Vidarex's solution, you can manage all cameras on site or remotely, even from your mobile phone. In this way, you can easily monitor the processes from the distribution warehouses to the trucks, thus ensuring the protection of the sites and the goods. You can monitor the inbound and outbound movement of goods and identify potential areas where problems can be minimized with additional training.

Advanced asset protection

Protect inventory and assets with real-time alerts. You can be alerted when someone enters a restricted area or when someone stays in an area for too long, reducing damage from vandalism or theft. Prevent crimes before they happen: set a real-time alarm if a camera is moved, covered or damaged.

Faster incident management

Save money on security guards, because with the help of our advanced AI-based analytics, you can receive real-time alerts about suspicious activities or incidents. You can reduce the time spent investigating damage events with lightning-fast search and intelligent positioning in high-resolution (4K) videos.

AI-based video analytics for more efficient processes

With the AI-based video analytics function, you can evaluate the daily logistics and storage processes: you can observe the number of personnel entering and leaving buildings, or the movement of trucks - even by license plate number. You can track the work of your staff and receive automatic notifications of workplace accidents or work safety deficiencies.

Customizable, flexible, affordable

  • Scalable, flexible video surveillance solution for logistics companies of any size, from single locations to regional service providers.
  • There is no need for a complex infrastructure, your own specialist or a large initial investment
  • Quickly deployable, can be used with any camera, and can be operated according to needs (cloud & hybrid).
  • Available in a monthly or yearly fee plan

Key functions of logistics
for service providers

Video Analytics

AI-based analytics: object recognition (person, face, vehicle, license plate number), line crossing, intrusion and loitering detection, automatic alarms

Access control

Cloud-based access control and time & attendance system with facial recognition

Easy connection

Simple cloud connection: Automatic camera detection, VPN router, SSD storage

Cloud infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure and platform service for video management from anywhere, anytime, from any device

Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface: live video viewing, replay, video tagging, video filtering, sharing, archiving

Voice control

Voice control module for easy operation.

Integration platform

OpenAPI integrations (e.g. ERP, access control system, etc.) and connecting IoT devices

The Vidarex service saves you from all the hassle of maintaining your own video management infrastructure, provides greater security and reduces your operating costs. Just connect your security cameras to the network and you're ready to watch from anywhere, anytime, from any device.

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