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The new generation of cloud-based video surveillance and access control systems has arrived!

A new generation of cloud-based video surveillance and access control systems has arrived!

The Vidarex Video Service is a next-generation, intelligent cloud-based video surveillance service (Video Surveillance as a Service - VSaaS) and integration platform. In addition to traditional security applications, it focuses on AI-based video analytics, systems integration and business process optimization. The Vidarex Access Service is a state-of-the-art Access Control and Time & Attendance service based on biometric (facial recognition) identification.

Why choose Vidarex?

  • Intuitive, modern interface
  • Lightning-fast use on mobile, tablet and web alike
  • It is also easy for senior managers to manage
  • It can be quickly installed and operated according to your needs (cloud & hybrid).
  • You can connect any camera using your phone
  • It can also be used with your built-in camera system
  • Set alerts for events with AI-based video analytics
  • Streamline your business processes with analytics
  • Analyzing video data helps to increase customer satisfaction
  • It can be connected to e.g. ERP, POS and access control systems and other cloud-based services
  • Intelligent, automated systems can be built
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Declaration of Conformity to Reduce Data Protection Risks
  • Megfelelőségi nyilatkozattal az adatvédelmi kockázatok csökkentésére

Typical application areas

An intelligent surveillance solution that can also be used with your existing CCTV camera system will significantly increase your security level and streamline your business operations:

Cloud-based video surveillance and management

Access control systems

Asset security, perimeter protection and intrusion prevention

Object recognition (face, person, vehicle, license plate)

Event-based monitoring and alerts

Process optimization and automation

Making legacy camera systems “smart” (investment protection)

Who we recommend it to

We recommend Vidarex's services to all enterprises, regardless of industry and size, for which it is important to operate with safety awareness and increase the efficiency of their daily processes.

Construction companies

Construction sites present serious security challenges, from theft and vandalism, to occupational safety and liability issues. Monitoring the daily processes of construction sites and project management is also a complex task. That's why smart video surveillance plays a key role in this area.

Retail stores, chain stores

Every merchant, be it a small business or a large franchisor, is often faced with the gamble of financial loss, theft or fraud, which makes it difficult to find the right business. However, the complexity and complexity of traditional video surveillance solutions often exceed the capabilities of the users.

Restaurants, catering establishments

Whether it's a small canteen or a nationwide restaurant chain, Vidarex's flexible video surveillance solution ensures the safety of guests and staff, helping to ensure smooth operation.

Warehouses and logistics companies

Logistics management is an extremely complex task, which involves overseeing all aspects of operations, including warehousing, inventory, transportation, and supply chain processes, and even labor. A modern cloud-based video surveillance system helps protect your goods and deliver them hassle-free.

Manufacturing companies

Video surveillance plays a key role in monitoring industrial plants with one or more sites and tracking daily operations. With a system that scales from one to hundreds of devices and locations, Vidarex provides a complete video surveillance solution for manufacturing plants.

your operating expenses

Vidarex's services saves you all the hassle of maintaining your own video management infrastructure, provides greater security and reduces your operating costs. Just connect your security cameras to the network and you're ready to watch from anywhere, anytime, from any device.

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