Increase security without human resources

With artificial intelligence-based video analysis that prevents accidents, increases productivity and speeds up decision-making.

Clients using Vidarex to automate the security of their business

Welcome to the future of construction safety

Superhuman security system that sees everything.

Manual surveillance

Costly, limited and resource-intensive.

Maintaine dozens of employees

Issues go unnoticed

More frequent accidents

Slow decision-making

New generation AI surveillance

Cost-effective, accurate and prompt.

Scalable without employees

Sees and detects every little mistake

Prevents accidents and injuries

Speed up decision-making

So easy to set up

It's an easy fit for your business, with just 2 steps.


If you have an existing camera system, you can use our service immediately via the cloud after establishing a suitable IT connection. If you don't, our colleague will send you an offer after an on-site survey, either for a rental scheme or for a lump sum payment.

Ready to use

After establishing connection with Vidarex, you'll register an account and you're ready to use the software through your cameras on desktop, iOS and Android devices. It's that simple!

See and record everything

24-hour monitoring without any loss of attention.

access control

Handles access quickly and securely with facial recognition.

traffic control

It detects the movement of vehicles, records the number plates.

employee registry

Keeps track of working hours, alerts if workers make shady attempts.

vandalism protection

Indicates unauthorised intrusion, theft and vandalism.

compliance with rules

It detects missing helmets, vests and risky behaviour.

construction log recording

Records a log for the construction manager using body cam.

Ide kerül a kiemelt referencia

Mesterséges intelligencián alapuló videó elemzéssel, ami baleseteket előz meg, termelékenységet növel és gyorsítja a döntéshozatalt.

What our customers say

"A Vidarex szolgáltatásával a legmesszebbmenőkig meg vagyunk elégedve."

Ügyfél Név – Lakásotthon

"Nagyon gyorsan lehet vele a rögzített anyagban keresni. Mindenhol le tudtuk cserélni a régi  rögzítőket."

Ügyfél Never – Tulajdonos, Cégnév

"Ügyfél legerősebb visszajelzése kiemelve az általuk adott testimonialból”.

Ügyfél Never – Tulajdonos, Cégnév

"Ügyfél legerősebb visszajelzése kiemelve az általuk adott testimonialból”.

Ügyfél Never – Tulajdonos, Cégnév

Try it for free today decide in 30 days

Free trial anywhere in Hungary, with no camera replacement or system disruption.

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